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Bit about me? Okay then ^.^

I'm a traditional artist at heart, I do a lot of pencil sketches and drawings though I really need to start uploading some of them here. I've been working with digital art for a few years now, and have started to experiment a lot more with digital paintings as well as more complex backgrounds and scenery. I like photography and took class for two years and have dabbled in it for most of my life. I'm trying to get myself back into it just waiting for the summer where things look nicer where I am.

I love pretty much everything to do with art and am actually studying to be a Marine Biologist. So far i have a Bachelors degree in freshwater Ecology and Biology which is sort of in limbo while i work out a large bill with my old school, but I did graduate in spring of 2014.

I'm a nice person all around, very relaxed and you can always reach me. I do like to chat sometimes and I have no problem with getting random messages or notes that say hi.

I want to do a small comic on the side about Kahili. It would be traditional so no color (will try to get the scanner to behave) but what would you be interested in? 

3 deviants said Kahili's life before the death of her family
3 deviants said Confrontation with her father's killer
2 deviants said Getting to Udoran
2 deviants said How she became a Ranger
So I bet you are all wondering where all the items came from right? Well the following are the answers and the winners as well as the item set that was won.

Some of the items could be considered from multiple sources while a few were game specific so without any more delays here are the correct answers. 

Fairy in a bottle: Zelda series (sort of gave that one to you all didn't I =P )

Winged Bracers: Legend of Zelda (winged boots/hover boots) Kid Icarus (Pit's shoes, would have accepted Smash brothers if you gave his name)

Dragon eye pendent: Sorry guys but this killed a lot of you. This is one of the game specific. This one was actually inspired by my all time favorite game ever Legend of dragoon. How is it that and nothing else? Well the stones you could chose were quite literally the 7 different dragon spirits that you get throughout the game (divine not included as you get that at the end and its the normal element in the game.) Yay for obscure ps1 game :'D [quite honestly this was my ace challenge item]

Key Bracelet: Kingdom hearts, based off the unique designs of the keyblades and their charms. 

Wanderer's hood: A ps game call Journey. Not a common one but look it up and I guarantee you have seen the main character somewhere before. (Despite being short this is a really, really good game i suggest giving it a try)

Sticky scarf: based off of Graninja from pokemon but accepted Yoshi from mario as well. 

White fire gloves: If your answer had mario it it then yes you were right XD

Stranger goggles: I'm a halo fan so this was designed after M.C's helmet but if your answer was a FPS in which the characters or character wears a super computer on their head then you got this right. 

:iconnikuda: Congratulations you got 5+ right you get to claim an extra prize from the journal page. Please post there what extra one you would like along with the 3 you gained from participating and don't forget to tell me there what items you want for winning 1st place :)

:iconline-art-dragon: Congratulations you got 5+ right you may claim 2 of the items on the contest page as a reward. 

:iconlemia-dizao: Congratulations you got 5+ right you may claim 2 of the items on the contest page as a reward. 

Grand Prize:

So the moment you have all been waiting for. And thus we have the winner... er winners! I did try to make this difficult but go figure the winners actually knew my two challenge items :'D 
:iconline-art-dragon: and :iconlemia-dizao:
(Points to Lemia for saying M.C's helmet ,you know me too well =P )
Anyways I bet you are wondering what you won?

Sky Wonder Set by Yaramazara
You both receive 1 Sky Wanderer set  

This is a legendary Item from Creature Comforts and as such is one of a kind but may be used as a super rare prize in something I am working on for a later date. While it looks like this set has a set design that is not the case. The only thing that must be kept the same is the special thing it does as well as the abilities that come with it. 

Set: This set consists of the following 
  • Head piece:
    • The head piece shown in the image is a hood but you can replace that with: an open helm like design, a crown/tiara, hat, basically anything that goes on the head
  • A chest piece
    • The piece shown in the image is a vest but again it can be anything that goes on the chest
  • A scarf
    • This is a unchangeable item it is a scarf but it can be placed anywhere on your pet you please. Around the neck around the tail around a leg etc. 
  • Bags 2
    • The two bags are enchanted to hold anything within them as long as the combine weight does not exceed 25lbs each. You can if you would like have the two bags be one, the one would have the same enchantment and would carry the combine weight limit of the two bags, 50lbs.
  • Leg pieces/tail/wings: 
    • Shown in the image is a pair of gloves but you can make them bracers, fancy rings etc. 

The image is vague because I like the idea of allowing people to design what they want so for this set all you need to do is comment with what item you would like for each piece. You can make them as complicated or simple as you please. Feel free to add in designs (example you can have the items have trees or strange patterns on them) However the one thing that cannot be changed is the fact that this set is has the unique ability to reflect the sky at the current time. Example: Bright sunny day with lost of clouds the main colors of this piece will be the color of the sky, with clouds floating along around and under any designs you may have created. When the sun sets the colors reflect the sun set and the position of the sun, when the night sky is stormy and the stars are blocked and lighting flashes over head it will be reflected on the items. 

Set abilities: Please remember the the entire set must be worn for the abilities to be usable. 
~Weather watcher: Your pet's item reflects the sky at the current time and weather. Very useful if you want to have a picnic as it will help you determine if you want to brave that hurricane to have one. 
~Weather running: Weather effects that impede vision or movement have no effect if they are caused by nature and 25% reduced impediment if it is spell based. 
~Reward Reaper Hmmm well this is odd. I don't seem to have something written here...Wait here it is *Pulls paper from desk* Ability will be released in September...Huh odd wonder what that will mean?


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