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Bit about me? Okay then ^.^

I'm a traditional artist at heart, I do a lot of pencil sketches and drawings though I really need to start uploading some of them here. I've been working with digital art for a few years now, and have started to experiment a lot more with digital paintings as well as more complex backgrounds and scenery. I like photography and took class for two years and have dabbled in it for most of my life. I'm trying to get myself back into it just waiting for the summer where things look nicer where I am.

I love pretty much everything to do with art and am actually studying to be a Marine Biologist. So far i have a Bachelors degree in freshwater Ecology and Biology which is sort of in limbo while i work out a large bill with my old school, but I did graduate in spring of 2014.

I'm a nice person all around, very relaxed and you can always reach me. I do like to chat sometimes and I have no problem with getting random messages or notes that say hi.

Should I do a Valentines day picture of Kahili and Malakai? 

3 deviants said HELL YES!
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Kahili's Training and Taming Services

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 12:41 AM


 Wahi ‘uhane Kia’i Ranch Training and Taming Services

           As you stroll across the Udroan farm lands, on your own adventure taking in the sight of the rebuilding land you suddenly find yourself upon a place that is quite out of place; while most of the farm lands were wide open, filled with lush crops and blooming trees and sociable people. This new area located towards the western edge of eastern part of the farm lands has high wooden walls. Made from a mix of splintered tree branches and roots and carved wooden posts it rises up from the massive depression where an old tree probably once stood. On the hill you can make out a variety of segmented parts within but the distance still great you cannot make out all the details.

            Curiosity drives you forward as you approach the fence brush the vines and plats away so you could peer inside. You’re shocked to see many beats and creatures darting along with their owners and trainers, a small herd of razorbacks and many woodland guards beyond the boundary. You crane you head around looking for the entrance and run along the wall side around the corner and soon you find it.

            You look in wonder as your eyes take in the two sides of the gate. On the right hand side was what appeared to be an elegant carving of a great stag who’s antlers branched upwards and on the other side a beautiful figure intertwined with a tree, both reached out across to each other with a single large carved sign below them. “Wahi ‘uhane Kia’i Ranch”As you puzzle over what this sign means you are nearly started out of your skin by the Kikoti who walked by and stopped and grabbed you shoulder.

            “Wahi’ unhane Kia’i means Spirit Guardian.” She says brightly apparently unaware that she has scared you out of your mind. “It’s titled in my native language.” She stretches out her clawed hand and shakes your own. “My name is Kahili, Kahili Maku’e Ranger and Animal handler exert and of course General of Arranudo.” She said this last bit with a small hint a pride and smiled. “Lord Malakai was kind enough to grant me this plot of land to not only allow me and my pack enough space but for me to expand on my skills and teach other members of the woodland guard on how to properly handle creatures…As well as help train and house the creatures of my fellow guardsmen.” She beams down at you with her hands on her hips. “What do you say? Want a tour?”

            Before you can formulate a coherent answer the Kikoti grabs your upper arm and drags you past the front gates. As she leads you around the ranch explaining what each building is and each enclose is for she continues on more of what takes place around the ranch.

            “You see one of the things I want to do besides become a great Ranger which I can do through my work in the Woodland guard and as my position as general is to become a true expert in the handlings and behaviors of the creatures of Rapsodine, not just Arranudo. I want to take that skill and that knowledge and apply it to my home lands to teach people how to reconnect with the creatures of the forest. Teach them that training and taming them to help make our lives better.” She stops and looks sheepishly as you give her a look that says that you find her just as crazy as everyone else.

            “Here I can show you.” She said waving to where they stopped. “You give me that chance and I swear to you, you will not be disappointed. Ahh I see I now have your attention.” And indeed the Kikoti has you spell bound with curiosity. “Many in Arranudo know they can call upon my services should they need it after all I am always willing to lend a hand but my services are open to any who need them. What are these services? We’ll have you ever wanted your pet to learn a new skill? An attack or take advantage of an ability they have that has not yet been trained for use in combat? I can with some ease teach them; or perhaps you are looking for a new pet to add to your ranks? A pet one that you can curl up with at night? Or perhaps it is a hardy mount you seek? I can tame those in the wild to be what you need. That is one of my best skills and most useful.” She waves her hand around the ranch. “If you have seen those I call my pack. Quite effective.” This time she does seem to puff out with pride. “I work on a trade system, I do something for you, and you do something for me savvy? I take a variety of things crafted goods, special weapons, special armor and yes even gold.” She draws out a series of papers from her side bag.

            “This is the form for my services, yes I know a form but it helps me keep track of who I am working with and what I am working with. It’s simple enough to follow, you fill out this form and state if you want progress through reports or through detailed sketches on the progress and naturally if you would like to be right there in the heart of the training that can be arranged.” She said with a bright smile. “So what do you say? Sound interesting?"


Welcome to Kahili’s Taming and Training services

Kahili is looking to expand her knowledge on the creatures that inhabit the world of Rapsodine as she tries to become a great animal handler. As such she is opening up her services, her ability to tame and train pets to anyone in Rapsodine should they need or want the service. This is also my Sales pages. You can find Sales at the bottom of this page. 


           So what is this? This is a service trade center between myself and my fellow members of Rapsodine. Offering my Character’s skills (in this case Kahili) in exchange for other services/items and things that I cannot obtain through my 3 characters specialty jobs. This is made possible through the Feather Flight Postal Service which allows me to take the tamed pets Kahili gains through Animal Handler research and trade them to members within the group. 

How does this work?

  How this works is fairly simple. You read the information/Rules and acceptable payments, filling out the forms and we’ll get started. So let's get started shall we?



Can we Rp this? I mean, can my Character work with Kahili in this process? (Taming and training?)

            Of course! This isn’t even a question. If you would like to RP the taming/training I have no issue with this. I do have a few things I will say on the topic. One I have a weird work Schedule. I work second shift (3pm -1am eastern standard time) Monday through Thursday. This makes it a little complicated on weekdays so all RPs will be done through Google docs which will allow me to write a nice long response to any responses you give. This also makes it easier for me to find and to create the story around as well as keep it in a safe place that is unlikely to see it get accidentally deleted or lost. 


Regarding Rps:

            Rps are not necessary for taming jobs. (Kahili catching and taming a monster from the wild) as the pet is not a pet yet, it will primly be focused on her and the pet and when it has been tamed it becomes an inventory item that will be transferred to you. Training quests however are a little more complicated. The pet is not Kahili’s and there for is not part of her inventory so Rps for training quests will be mandatory. (They do not have to be long, enough to get a particular point that you want addressed in that entry, enough that your character has an active role as placed by you and enough for me to mold the intro and conclusion of the entry in: Eg working on getting the move right or the mastery of the skill) but they will be a key part of the job as it keeps you as the member part of the process.

    Basically RPs (small or large that is up to you) are needed for training jobs.

Can we collab?

            Maybe. I will state that they are closed for now as with my time schedule I would like to reserve them for members and characters are particularly close to Kahili (Lemia/Dart/Malakai/Coro/Evan {Octavia and Archimedes hopefully XD} etc.) If time opens up on my end for a collab I will make a note and update here. 

Are the entries written or are they art?

            The base work for this will always be writing as this is the easiest form for me to work on with my work and admin schedule. It also allows me to expand on the taming/training process a lot more than art would.  However this does not mean I won’t draw for this. Art will cost a bit more in terms of price as again it is a bit more time consuming on my free time than writing would. Art slots will be greatly limited and will open upon completion of all current filled slots. These slots will not expand (meaning I won’t open more) unless I gain more time to work. {Please note that entries will not be skimped on or half assed in the slightest. Written entries will be at least 3,000 words and art will be fully colored pictures with shade and a basic scenic background.}


How many slots will there be? How many Art slots will there be?

        There will be only one Art slot that can be either of the two possibilities. (Taming or Training) Once this is taken all other entries will be written. As for the total number of slots there will be 4. 2 of them will be taming and 2 of them will be training. If they become filled then the service will be closed until they are all completed. (The art slot will remain closed until the current one is finished.) Gift taming and training does not count for these slots. 


We can get gift tamed/trained pets?!

            Sorry but don’t count on it. These are reserved for both close friends and those I feel have done a lot of work in the group and I want to reward with a free offer. Gifts will be separate from the slots and may be art, writing or a mix of both.


Will there be a waiting list?

            Depends on how many people apply when I open the slots back up. If there is a bunch then I will have a wait list where those people will have first dibs on any slots that open up next. This does not apply for Art. There will be no waiting list for art based entries.


I am a writer could you do a reference for my new pet?

            Of course, if you are writer (Writer in the sense that is your main work in the group) you gain the ability to request a free reference picture of your newly tamed pet (with any accessories they may have) This will open up at the end when the pet taming is complete and they have been added to your characters inventory. Just send a note or place a request on this journal with details of your new pet and I’ll do a free reference picture of them for you.


How long will this take?

            All I can say is I will get it done when I get it done. This is why I have only 4 total slots open with only one of them possibly being art simply because I do not want to get buried and take forever for you to get your pet or skill just do not expect me to have it magically done in a week or even a month. I will say the longest 2 months earliest a month, but this depends on what rank is on the slots and how many slots are taken at the time. 


When do we pay?

            I will note you when I have finished the last entry for the service. That is when you would pay. Once a payment request has been made on Feather Flight Postal Service I will submit the last entry and make my trade request on the post office. I should note right now that I will not be confirming or dealing with any transactions with this service. All transactions from me and you will be moded and examined by the other admins, this is to eliminate any accusations of bias between me and you. This also stands if I happen to be treading with another admin. If  am transitioning with another admin neither of us will handle the transitions and will have one of the other three examine it to make sure everything is accounted for and fair.        

How to request this serves

 I apologize ahead of time there are forms that need to be filled out. This has to be followed or your request will be ignored. I am doing this as I am both and Admin and member of Rapsodine and want to make sure that everything is recorded and logged for my own personal logs and the admin logs so problems can be eliminated, as well as things be kept track of.. 

First thing!

            Before you make any request here on this page you should first do the following.

1.) Check that the pet you want tamed is tamable. Kahili is not going to be taming any tier 4 monsters just because you want one, or even you think you deserve one. Tier 4 Arranudo monsters belong to Line art Dragon and good luck persuading him to tame one let alone persuade him to have Kahili do it for you. Spirit monsters (Glade keepers, Ursa majors, Titan eagles, Storm serpents Anhi etc.) Are not table-able even if, in Arranudo, they are lower than tier 4. Event pets, such as Fire Maw mutatio, thorn lizard, Wondering flowers, or rare pets that only appeared as a reward in mission/event. Are not tamable unless the admin of the nation/creator has it stated otherwise. My word of advice is to check with the nation leader by sending :iconrapsodine: a note with your question or commenting the Research Specialty Jobs page to check if they are indeed tamable.

2.) If you would like your pet to learn a skill please fill out the check request form located in this journal Adventure hall Character check and Member Index so that an admin can check and review it for you. (Again note I will not be checking and review requests that will be used here as again it is a conflict of interest)

Once you have had your skill checked/cleared or have the pet you would like tamed please go to the Research Specialty Jobs page and place the following.


“Link to this journal:”

“I am requesting the following (insert Pet or skill) and wondering what it ranks at. {for skills be sure to give the name, the effect and draw backs for it so it can be properly ranked}


4.) I will not start or put you on the list unless the following is completed and you have had your request/check on the specialty job page approved (Yes I know another form but this one is actually necessary for me to tame/train your pet as it gives me all the details needed for the job)

: Your character’s name/app link
Training or Taming: State if it is training or taming you seek
Pet: Pet’s name/ creature being tamed reference link
Gender: State the gender of your pet/gender of the tamed pet you would like
Information: Place the reference link to your pet her and any information you thin would be helpful. For creature being tamed place the general personality, traits and information on your future pet. (Note: pets will retain their base personality of their species through much of the taming process and start to gain those personality/traits you list halfway through the process and developing as they reach the end.)
Skill: Place the full skill that is being taught here. (only fill this section of you are applying for pet training. Please note that pets in the process of being tamed cannot be trained as they have not yet become pets.)
RP: Yes means that we will rp out sections of the submission, no means I will mold the entry around the general summery of the pet. Please remember that Rps big or small are needed for training requests.
Confirmation link: Link to the confirmation comments on the specialty page/character check.
Art/Writing: Please state whether you would like the entries to be written or art. (Note that art is a first come first serve basis there is no waiting list)
Payment: The payment for the service.


Payment Options

Acceptable payment options for this service. 


    First off I will only accept items that are the same rank as the pet/skill being request. Meaning if you want a master level skill you better not be trying to trade me a beginner based item. You won’t even get a comment saying you’ve been denied you’ll be skipped completely. This also works in reverse; unless you absolutely want to I will generally not accept or ask for anything higher than the rank I am working on. (You request an intermediate level Skill/Combat pet and offer me an advanced rank item) I am not looking for common things that you can finding the shop. I would prefer a service for a service. I am willing to haggle with items but the following items are what I am really looking for.

Arrow coatings: Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, explosive? Mainly for Kahili in uses in quests/dungeons and hunting the poacher series, preferably a few vials. {please make sure that the rank/strength of the coatings match the rank of the service you request of me.}

Forest Glaive: A glaive that deals poison or paralyses based damage. Looking for an advanced/master rank inquire for details (on time payment. Once this has been claimed as a payment it will be removed from the list after the exchange.)

Arrows: Not standard arrows, crafted/specialty arrows. (5 or more)

Light based Chakrams: Looking for an advanced/master rank inquire for details (on time payment. Once this has been claimed as a payment it will be removed from the list after the exchange.)

Crafting items:  I plan on having a crafter come as my fourth and final character for a while that is rank equal crafting items are also more than welcomed to be offered. (4+ items)

Offers: Have something that isn't on this list that Kahili/Shadraco/Xiko may find useful? This is my haggling offer section. 


Gold/Coins and Dungeon currency:

These are the base line things that are always open to be offered for a trade. As such there is a tier system on how much each rank costs.

Companion Pet/Beginner skill:  {one of the following}

:bulletgreen: 500 Gold

:bulletgreen: 2 Nation/Dungeon Coins (Can be a mix of nation/dungeon coins)

:bulletgreen: 4 Dungeoneering currency items


Combat Pet/Intermediate skill: {one of the following}

:bulletgreen: 1,000 Gold

:bulletgreen: 4  Nation/Dungeon Coins (Can be a mix of nation/dungeon coins)

:bulletgreen: 6 Dungeoneering currency items


Mount class/ Advanced Skill: {one of the following}

:bulletgreen: 2,000Gold

:bulletgreen: 6  Nation/Dungeon Coins (Can be a mix of nation/dungeon coins)

:bulletgreen: 8 Dungeoneering currency items


Master Skill: {one of the following}

:bulletgreen: 3,500 Gold

:bulletgreen: 10 Nation/Dungeon Coins (Can be a mix of nation/dungeon coins)

:bulletgreen: 12 Dungeoneering currency items

The above prices are the base/writing cost. Art will be double the base price.


~Art slot is open~

Taming Slots


Future owner: 


Future owner: 

Training Slots


Future owner: 


Future owner: 


Gift Slots
Gift Taming and training slots


Name: ??????
Gender: Female
Species: Jungle Stalker
Age: Kitten
Future owner: Lemia
Type: Art/writing



Name: Helios
Gender: Male
Species: Sky Lord Harpy Eagle
Owner: Lemia
Skill: ???????
Type: Art/writing


Name: Buttercup
Gender: Female
Species:  Shale Mongrel
Owner: Lemia
Skill: ??????
Type: Art/writing



This is the things that I have that are for sale. Feel free to place an offer. {It appears I have a lot of unassigned pets that I don't need or use anymore :'D}

~Lanquine Male- Had been a companion pet to Kahili from a Halloween event long ago but I find that I can no longer find a place nor give him the love that he needs. Species information can be found in the link. {Rare event pet}
~Magic Monitor Female (Green body purple markings)- and Magma Charm: Same with the one above. It just does not fit with any of my characters or Kahili's pack any more. {Rare anniversary pet}
~Mechanical Reindeer mount- The exact spitting image of a reindeer; that just happens to be a shiny silver color and is made of smoothed metal and cog wheels. Unlike a normal mount, this one does not tire through exhaustion, has no sense of fear, and is impervious to most environmental effects. However, it does have to be maintained daily and it does accumulate wear and tear over time. It is recommended to bring it back to the forge every three months for a tune up.
~Festive DeerThis small deer comes in browns, white and oranges and stands barely larger then your common house cat. His noes glows (any colour but only one once decided) and can light up any area in a 20 foot radius. Most of all it seems he can fly, not suitable for combat or riding but he makes a wonderful addition as a magical pet.


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